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Colorado parents: helping teenagers of divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2012 | Uncategorized |

Getting a divorce can mean many different things to your kids. Colorado parents going through the process may be experiencing difficulty with how to adjust to the new lifestyle and how to be an example for their kids at the same time. Teens especially can be affected by divorce but outwardly seem fine. Whether you are the custodial parent or not, understanding that your actions affect your children can help you to better understand what they’re going through.

Your teenager may be doing just fine with your divorce, but there is a chance they could be having a difficult time with it and not be showing it. It can sometimes be hard to tell, but there are some ways to see how they are doing and show them you’re still there for them. One thing you can do is to keep your household familiar: maintain the same routines for school and afterschool activities as you have been to help them adjust to their new space. Along with that, trying new things together can help your teenager to feel like they’re a part of the planning process; it can give them some control in an otherwise difficult and upsetting situation.

Another thing sources say you can do to help your teen through this time is make sure they know that you care about how they’re doing just as much as your younger children or the rest of your family. Sometimes teenagers can suppress how they feel and put on a brave face in order to cope with their parents getting divorced, so just reassuring them of that fact and that you’re there for them can help.

For Colorado residents whose children are having a difficult time with your divorce, being strong for them could help both of you. Showing them how to stay positive during this difficult time in a healthy way can help them to do the same. While it can seem impossible to get through, engaging your children can help to create stronger bonds during the divorce process. For parents looking into divorce, working with an attorney can help you to know your options and get through the difficult parts so you and your family can move forward.

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