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July 2012 Archives

In high asset divorce, what becomes of the art?

When couples with a lot of assets divorce, splitting everything up can be tricky. For one wealthy couple who went through the process recently, it was mostly straightforward - except to when it came to art. Their art collection alone was worth an estimated $102 million.

How to be successful at co-parenting after a divorce

Parenting isn't always easy when a couple stays married. Imagine how much more complicated it gets after a couple goes through a divorce. Aside from figuring out custody issues, parents need to continue to communicate even though their own relationship has soured.

Denver mayor announces new domestic violence center

Domestic violence is a big problem in Colorado, and all cross the country for that matter, and Denver mayor Michael Hancock knows that all too well: He lost his sister to domestic violence about 10 years ago. Now he's hoping that such violent crime can be prevented.

Study: People in low, high income levels share marriage values

In the past, studies have shown that divorce rates are higher for those in a lower income bracket. A new study examined the issue further to determine why this might be. While the government has poured over $1 billion into an effort to confront higher divorce rates among low income individuals, the head author of the study believes the government should focus more on social issues rather than values.

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes settle divorce quickly

It was only a few days ago that it was first reported that Katie Holmes was filing a surprise divorce petition against Tom Cruise. While there was speculation that the filing could lead to a prolonged dispute involving child custody and Cruise's scientology beliefs, the ex-couple has come to a quick divorce settlement.

More ex-couples participating in divorce ceremonies

Some Colorado couples prefer to end their marriage the way they started it: with a ceremony. More ex-couples across the U.S. are participating in "divorce ceremonies," in which the couple spiritually marks the end of their relationship. It may sound somewhat bizarre, but for some it brings the closure divorcing couples crave.

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