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November 2011 Archives

200-pound child removed from home over health concerns

As we noted in a recent post, it's becoming more common for children's obesity to be a central issue in child custody disputes. The issue has seen renewed interest because of a case in another state that is raising eyebrows.

Details of Hulk Hogan divorce settlement revealed

Divorces can be long, bitter affairs but they do not have to be. The dissolution of a marriage is an emotionally difficult decision for Denver couples to make and the most experienced Colorado divorce attorneys will attempt to reduce a client's stress by resolving issues in an amicable and efficient fashion.

Key to parenting at holiday time: flexibility, experts say

The holidays are supposed to be fun, but everyone knows there are elements of stress that can overwhelm some. When family dynamics are complicated, it can be a source of tension. Parents who are divorced and trying to raise their children harmoniously can run into some problems.

Two arrested for extreme domestic violence in Colorado Springs

In the span of just a couple of days, two Colorado Springs men were arrested for strangling their girlfriends. Thankfully, both women survived the extreme domestic violence, and both men were arrested for what they did.

How do you protect assets at the end of an abusive marriage?

An abusive marriage is tough enough. Many people endure domestic violence and stay in a marriage in the hopes of making it work. Many times, though the union doesn't last. So what do people do about their assets if such a marriage ends and ex-spouses continue abusive patterns?

Some loopholes don't favor abuse victims in family law cases

It may seem totally backwards that a victim of domestic violence be forced to pay spousal support to their abusive spouse. In some states, due to family law loopholes and rules regarding what judges are allowed to decide, it can happen.

'Problem Solving Court' uses new system for child support

Calling a court a "problem solving court," as a court focusing on child support in Jefferson County does, might seem overly simplistic. But it does represent what the court attempts to accomplish on a daily basis.

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