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Details of Hulk Hogan divorce settlement revealed

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2011 | Divorce

Divorces can be long, bitter affairs but they do not have to be. The dissolution of a marriage is an emotionally difficult decision for Denver couples to make and the most experienced Colorado divorce attorneys will attempt to reduce a client’s stress by resolving issues in an amicable and efficient fashion.

Celebrities are known for having spectacularly dramatic divorces but there are also many amicable celebrity divorces that fly under the radar because of the lack of acrimony between the parties. One headline grabbing divorce was that of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and his former wife, Linda Bollea. Hulk and Linda’s marriage allegedly unraveled due to his affair with one of his daughter’s friends. Details of the Hogan divorce settlement recently surfaced and indicate that Linda received the bulk of the couple’s assets.

The 2009 divorce agreement gives Linda 70 percent of the couples’ over $10 million liquid assets. Linda also received a $3 million property settlement which includes proceeds from the sale of the couple’s mansions. Linda also will receive 40 percent of the revenues from Hulk Hogan’s businesses. Issues with the business revenue sharing provisions of the divorce settlement are what prompted Hogan’s lawyers to make the court filing which revealed the details of the settlement.

Much of the divorce proceedings were complicated by a pending civil lawsuit against the couple from a friend of their son, Nick Bollea. The friend suffered a catastrophic brain injury when Nick crashed his car while speeding and driving recklessly. Nick was briefly incarcerated after the crash and his parents allegedly settled with the friend’s family for around $5 million.

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