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August 2011 Archives

And in the movies, they lived happily ever after

Do you remember the film "The Parent Trap" from the early 1960s? Hayley Mills plays twins aiming to get their estranged parents back together. It was remade with Lindsey Lohan in 1998 and may be the archetype for the "comedy of remarriage" films - movies which experts say are unrealistic and potentially harmful to the minds of young children.

Domestic violence may raise women's risk of mental illness

People should feel comfortable in their own homes. But when a spouse is prone to violence, it can change entire lifestyles. And, not surprisingly, the repercussions can be serious. A new study suggests that domestic violence raises women's risk of future mental health disorders.

Why is seven still the 'magic number' for splitting up?

Many things about marriage and divorce rates have changed over the years. The average age of men and women when they get married has ticked upward. Divorce rates have gone up and down. But one thing has stayed relatively constant: what's known as the "seven-year itch."

Supermodel Evangelista seeks $46,000 per month in child support

This case is notable because it may involve a record-breaking child support judgment. Supermodel Linda Evangelista is requesting $46,000 per month in child support payments from her ex, French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault. He is now married to actress Salma Hayek.

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