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Court dismisses lawsuit accusing woman of ‘bad mothering’

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2011 | Family Law Issues |

A much-discussed family lawsuit has come to an end. An appeals court in Illinois last week dismissed a lawsuit in which two grown children accused their mom of “bad mothering.”

The case made headlines in the family law circle after many questioned the son and daughter’s allegations. The “kids,” now 20 and 23, respectively, had contended that their mother’s behavior was extreme and outrageous and caused them emotional distress. But the court disagreed with that assessment.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the son claimed the woman once sent him an inappropriate birthday card that did not include any money. The card apparently sported a picture of a pile of tomatoes on a table, in which only one tomato had craft-store googly eyes.

The Tribune reports the inside of the card said: “Son, I got this birthday card because it’s just like you… different from all the rest! Have a great day! Love & Hugs, Mom. XOXOXO”

As for the daughter, she says the mother would haggle over how much to spend on party dresses and called her at midnight and asked her to return home after being out for homecoming.

The son and daughter reportedly sought $50,000 for emotional distress damages. However, the court found that the woman’s behavior did not amount to “extreme or outrageous” conduct.

The woman’s children had said they were aiming to hold their mother accountable for her actions. She countered that they only wanted the benefits of a family relationship.

The woman and the children’s father divorced in 1995.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “‘Bad mothering’ lawsuit dismissed,” Steve Schmadeke, Aug. 28, 2011


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