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July 2011 Archives

Could stepfamilies brighten kids' future after a divorce?

Divorce can be hard on kids who are affected by it. Some studies have suggested children of divorced parents often end up in unhappy marriages themselves. But new studies show something different: the positive influence of stepfamilies and seeing a parent's happy second marriage.

Schwarzenegger backtracks on denying support to Shriver

With his pending divorce from Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger knows all eyes are on him. Theirs is perhaps the most-watched celebrity divorce in some time. Now, Schwarzenegger has backtracked on denying his soon-to-be ex-wife spousal maintenance.

Brighton police may have turned blind eye to stalking, violence

A well-known Brighton, Colorado, firefighter accused of stalking and abusing his ex-wife may be in hot water for violating a no-contact order. And now the Brighton police are under the microscope, too, for allegedly turning a blind eye to the domestic violence.

Baldwin brother files for divorce, alleges wife was violent

Daniel Baldwin, one of the several famous acting brothers, has been having some domestic troubles. He was granted a restraining order against his wife for alleged domestic violence recently, and also filed for divorce earlier this week.

State succeeds in collecting gambling winnings for child support

Colorado's 2008 statute that requires the Department of Revenue to nab money for outstanding child support payments from people's gambling winnings in excess of $1,200 was apparently a success. So much so, in fact, that a new law updating that statute will require racetracks and casinos to intercept money from winnings as restitution for crime victims.

Using a GPS to track a spouse is illegal, right? Recalculating...

It's apparently becoming a common question: is it legal to potentially track cheating spouses using a GPS device, particularly if it can lead to grounds for divorce? A New Jersey court says yes, and it could have implications for people in Colorado and other states.

Alec Baldwin to address Colorado family law lawyers

Celebrities can have family problems, too. Alec Baldwin is stepping away from the acting world to talk about his already public family problems as a special guest at the Kickoff to the Family Law Institute and Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado fundraiser Aug. 11, 2011.

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