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Baldwin brother files for divorce, alleges wife was violent

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2011 | Domestic Violence |

Daniel Baldwin, one of the several famous acting brothers, has been having some domestic troubles. He was granted a restraining order against his wife for alleged domestic violence recently, and also filed for divorce earlier this week.

The couple has lived together since 2006 and were reportedly married in 2007. Baldwin says things turned sour by 2009, when his wife allegedly became violent. He says she turned dangerous when she drank alcohol, and made scary threats against him in front of their children.

In the most recent incident, Baldwin says his wife punched him in the face in front of their kids. Police apparently told him to remove the children from their home on Sunday. According to the Associated Press, Baldwin’s wife was arrested on Wednesday for violating her parole for a drunken driving conviction.

Baldwin, who is 50, maintains his wife has made numerous threats of violence, most of them in front of the children, and probably violated her parole hundreds of times. He says at one point she watched a documentary about women who killed their husbands, then threatened to kill him if he did not move out of the house. He says the children heard the entire conversation.

Baldwin says her behavior grew worse, and the violence escalated with incidents in March and May of this year. On the advice of police, the 41-year-old woman turned herself in and was arraigned on Wednesday. She’s apparently being held until a court hearing next week.

As we have previously discussed, Daniel Baldwin’s brother Alec also has had a well-known history of struggling with family and domestic issues.

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