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The keys to a successful joint custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

Following a divorce or separation, it is usually in the children’s best interests for both parents to remain involved in their lives. These days, joint custody is the preferred child custody arrangement in Colorado. However, a successful joint custody arrangement requires a few key efforts from both parents. 


Consistent and purposeful communication between parents is vital to the success of a joint custody arrangement. Although communicating often with an ex-spouse can seem challenging and almost impossible, it is helpful to think about communication serving the children’s well-being. Set a business-like tone and make the children the focal point of every discussion. 


Joint custody is a team effort. Whether they like each other or not, both parties will have to cooperate to make decisions for the children. Cooperating without arguments or conflict makes decision-making easier for everyone. Consistency between households is also important. It is healthy for kids to be exposed to different perspectives, but keeping consistency helps to avoid confusion for the children. 

Professional help 

To make co-parenting successful, emotions such as anger and resentment between parents must take a back seat to the needs of the children. The relationship is over and everything moving forward should be about the children and their well-being. When parents focus on what is best for the children, joint custody will always be successful. Those in Colorado who have questions regarding any aspect of child custody can get help by meeting with a legal professional. An experienced family law attorney can provide guidance and help to set clear co-parenting responsibilities and boundaries.