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Making changes to a child custody agreement

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2024 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

When parents in Colorado separate or divorce, they often work together to come to a child custody agreement that best fits the needs of their children and situation. However, situations can change as the years go by, and it may become necessary to change the existing custody agreement. This typically requires parents to submit a request to the court for a child custody modification. Here are some reasons why a child custody agreement may need to be amended. 


When one parent needs to move or relocate due to a career change or another circumstance, it may make the existing custody arrangement difficult or impossible to maintain. In this scenario, the custody agreement would need to be changed. The court will examine the new circumstances and consider changing the arrangement to serve the children’s best interests. 

Parental conflict or inadequacy  

After the divorce, parental conflict may prove too much to overcome, and the parents just aren’t able or willing to work together to parent their children. In these circumstances, the court may intervene and modify the existing arrangement. For instance, if parents who share legal custody find they are arguing and fighting over every joint decision, the court may determine a change must be made. 

Getting help for child custody matters 

When parents see that their current child custody situation is no longer working out and believe they have valid reasons to change the arrangement, they may be left wondering what to do next. In this scenario, Colorado parents may want to get in touch with a legal professional as soon as possible. An experienced family law attorney can help parents negotiate changes to their current agreement and also help with filing a request with the court to modify their existing child custody arrangement.