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Taking steps to avoid child custody issues during the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2023 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

The holiday season is a time in which many families in Colorado might have plans to spend time visiting and celebrating with loved ones and friends. While holiday schedules can be hectic enough as is, if you have an existing child custody agreement in place, the process of planning for two households can prove even more complex in nature. 

Arguments over holiday schedules can lead to intense conflict and prompt various challenges in a coparenting relationship. Part of preparing to protect the well-being of your kids and help them enjoy the season could involve knowing what steps you can take to help stave off child custody issues during the holidays. 

What steps can you take? 

While planning for the holiday season can be stressful for all parties involved, there may be certain steps you can take to help avoid the risk of conflict during this season, such as: 

  • Discuss the topic: Discussing the topic of holiday season schedules during initial child custody negotiations could be an effective way to promote cooperation and avoid conflict. 
  • Plan early: Making holiday plans as early as possible and communicating with the other parent about schedules could also help mitigate a variety of potential risks. 
  • Be flexible: It may also be helpful to be flexible and to consider options such as splitting or alternating holidays between households, or even celebrating holidays with the kids twice each year. 
  • Focus on the kids: When discussing holiday schedules, it may also be vital to think of what your kids want, as making decisions based on what is best for them could be vital to protecting their well-being. 

While taking steps to avoid child custody issues could be vital to protecting the interests of your children and helping cultivate healthier coparenting relations, the path to achieving such goals might not always be so clear. 

Effective coparenting strategies 

The holidays can be a hectic time, and there are various types of child custody issues that can arise during this season. Including similar topics in discussions when creating the initial child custody agreement can be integral to reducing the risk of conflict and improving coparenting relationships. Seeking advice on what topics to consider and what steps you can take to help achieve such goals could be integral to safeguarding the needs and interests of your children by creating effective child custody agreements.