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How to save money when going through divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2023 | Divorce

In life, things don’t always go according to plan. When things are not working out between spouses, ending the marriage may be the best option. Although spouses in Colorado divorce for a multitude of reasons, one thing most divorces have in common is that they are expensive. Here are a few ways to lower the cost of a divorce. 

Try mediation 

Keeping matters out of court and avoiding a trial may be the best way to cut down on the cost of a divorce. For couples who are willing to work together, mediation is a great alternative. In meditation, spouses work with a third-party mediator who helps them reach a resolution. Mediation will allow couples to communicate directly and avoid an expensive and lengthy court proceeding. 

Do as much organizing as possible 

Spouses who are divorcing can save thousands in legal fees by organizing and preparing important documents themselves. Examples of these are bank statements, tax returns and other financial records. Also, the more of these documents that can be obtained electronically, the better. Most attorneys these days prefer to work with electronic documents, so paper documents will cost more to process. 

Work together 

Although it may be difficult, if couples are willing to cooperate and work together to reach their end goal, it will only benefit them in the long run, financially and emotionally. Those in Colorado who need legal guidance or have questions about divorce can get help by speaking with a legal professional. An experienced family law attorney can provide clarity and help individuals navigate this trying process.