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How to change a child support order when needed

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2023 | Child Support

You know that your life will change after a divorce, and it could continue to change even long after the process is final. You may find that you have to make adjustments for months and years to come, and it may take time to feel stable. Even after making the initial adjustments, life can continue to be unpredictable. You may find that you are unable to meet the terms of your support orders, and you might be uncertain of how to get out of this predicament.

If you can no longer meet the requirements set forth in your child support order, this does not make you a bad parent. You still have the right to maintain a strong role in the life of your child, but you also need to take the appropriate steps to seek a modification of your current order. It is important to determine if you are eligible for a modification and what steps you need to take in order to secure one.

Grounds for changing a child support order

As a Colorado parent, you have an obligation to financially support your children until they reach adulthood. However, you may be struggling with financial circumstances that are beyond your control, and currently, you may not be able to make some or all of your child support payments. Common reasons why courts grant modifications of existing orders include:

  • Supporting parent has other children that have financial needs
  • Job loss or reduction of income by the supporting parent
  • Changing needs of the children
  • Emergency or disability that prevents supporting parent from paying

You and the other parent may agree that a change in a child support order is necessary, but a verbal agreement is only the first step. It is critical that you seek a court-approved modification of your support order to ensure that your interests are secure. It may also help to remember that changing your support order does not impact your custody or visitation rights.

Post-divorce matters

You may still find yourself navigating legal concerns even after your divorce is final. When addressing post-divorce legal needs, you will benefit from having experienced guidance as you address issues such as support modifications and more. If you believe that you could be eligible for a modification, you will want to seek an understanding of your legal options as soon as possible.