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More baby boomers are divorcing, here’s why

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2023 | Divorce

According to recent statistics, the overall divorce rate in the United States has slowly declined over the last couple of decades. However, for one specific demographic, the data is showing the exact opposite. In Colorado and across the country, the divorce rate for couples over 50, commonly referred to as baby boomers, has steadily increased over the last 20 years. Here are some reasons for this uptick in gray divorce. 

Increased life expectancy 

A significant factor that seems to be contributing to the rate of gray divorce is the increased life expectancy in America. Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, people are living longer these days. It seems many people are choosing to separate from their spouse instead of spending their twilight years in unhappy marriages.  

Empty nests 

After they have children, parents can get so focused on raising their kids that they neglect their marriages. When the children grow up and leave the home, many couples find that they have become different people and the spark is no longer there. This empty nest can highlight relationship issues that were once masked by parenting duties. 

Reduced stigmas 

Many baby boomers who file for divorce often state that they want something different. Many older couples married at a young age to the first person they were intimate with. Since societal stigmas surrounding divorces have faded, a lot of baby boomers are realizing they don’t have to stay in unhappy marriages. Regardless of age, any person in Colorado who has questions or may be headed for a divorce should consider speaking with a knowledgeable legal professional. A seasoned family law attorney can give invaluable legal guidance throughout the divorce process.