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What happens if you need to change your child support order?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Child Support

When you divorced, you likely went through many immediate changes in your life. You may have moved, you might have had to change your lifestyle and you may see your kids less often than you did previously. The post-divorce transition can be difficult, and you may find that these changes continue in your life long after the divorce is final. Some of these changes may impact your finances, and you might find that you are no longer able to abide by the terms of your child support order.

Child support is the financial support the non-custodial or the higher-earning parent gives to the other parent. The intent of this financial support is to ensure that the child has what he or she needs for daily life, education, health care and more. A Colorado court or the terms of your negotiated divorce settlement may order you to make these payments, but what happens when you are no longer able to handle this requirement?

Modifications are possible

There are times when a court may approve a modification to an existing child support order. If you find that circumstances beyond your control have left you in a position in which you are no longer able to manage your child support payments, there are options available to you. You may pursue a formal modification to your existing order. You may have grounds to do this if you have experienced an unexpected change in your financial circumstances, such as a job loss, health crisis or unexpected expenses.

Parents can agree to a temporary or permanent change in child support, but all changes are still subject to approval by the court. The court will prioritize the best interests of the kids when considering changes to existing orders. It is helpful to remember that your financial circumstances and the need to change your child support order have no bearing on your custodial rights or your ability to see your children on a regular basis.

Start in the right place

If you need to seek a change to your existing child support order, you will benefit from first seeking an explanation of your legal options. An assessment of the terms of your current order will provide you with insight regarding the best way forward and how you can seek terms that will allow you to both care for your kids and maintain your security and stability.