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Mediation can be a good option for divorce proceedings

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Divorce

When a marriage ends, emotions and tensions can run high. Just the thought of going through a long, drawn-out court battle can seem exhausting and painful. However, more and more spouses in Colorado are choosing divorce mediation to avoid a traditional litigated divorce. There are a few reasons why mediation can be a good option for couples to pursue if they are willing to work together to achieve a common goal.

Assistance resolving issues

Divorce mediation is a process where spouses meet with a neutral, third-party mediator who helps the couple negotiate the terms of their divorce in an informal setting. The more complex the divorce is, the more likely it is that spouses will need some help and guidance to resolve some issues. A mediator may be able to lay out possible solutions that have worked for other couples.

Saves time and money

A big benefit of mediation is that it saves time since the divorce is not litigated in a courtroom. A traditional divorce could require a trial, and it is a process that sometimes takes many months, even years, to complete. Time is money, so since divorces are settled quicker with mediation, it is also a far less expensive process than a traditional divorce.

Professional help

Mediation can offer an efficient and cost-effective way for spouses to end their marriage. Keep in mind, however, mediation requires a certain level of cooperation from both parties, so this option may not work for all couples. Those in Colorado who want to learn more about mediation or have questions about any aspect of divorce can get help by speaking with an experienced attorney.