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Often overlooked things to do before filing for divorce

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | Divorce

Easy is not a term that most people in Colorado would use to describe the dissolution of a marriage. Divorce is not only an emotionally challenging experience, but the actual process of getting divorced can be very complicated and complex. When a divorce becomes inevitable, here are a few things to do initially before starting the filing process. 

Gather proof of income 

Before filing for divorce, each spouse will need documentation showing their respective incomes. If both spouses are salaried employees, they will need copies of their most recent pay stubs as well as the most recent tax return information. For those who are self-employed, determining income can be a bit more complicated. However, obtaining copies of financial business statements and bank account statements should give a clear picture of income. 

Close any joint credit card accounts 

Before separating, pay off and close all joint credit card accounts if possible. If account balances cannot be paid off, have the accounts frozen. This will prevent a spouse from using the account and running up the balance. 

Best behavior 

Those who are about to go through divorce proceedings should keep in mind that anything they say or do that may be interpreted as inappropriate behavior can be used against them in court. This is why it is important to stay aware of every action. This is even more important for those who may be seeking child custody. 

Hire a good legal team 

Divorce can be a complicated legal process. Thankfully, it is not a process that a person must go through alone. Hiring an experienced lawyer is one of the most essential things any person in Colorado can do before heading into the divorce process. A knowledgeable family law attorney can protect personal interests and help individuals get through this experience in an efficient manner.