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Enabling a smooth transition between homes in joint custody

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

Household transitions are often some of the most delicate parts of joint custody arrangements in Colorado. It can be very emotional for all parties when the kids leave one parent to be with the other parent. Although there is no official or exact way parents should handle these household transitions, routine and effective communication between parents will benefit everyone. Here are some suggestions to make this parental switch a little easier.

Establish pickup and return times

Instituting a set time when the kids are picked up and returned will help to establish a routine and familiarity for them. The children will ultimately feel safer and more secure knowing what to expect. If a parent cannot make the pickup as planned, they need to let the other parent know as soon as possible.

Select a neutral location

Choosing a neutral location to make the household transition is often beneficial for the children. A neutral pick-up/drop-off location will help to reduce the chances that the kids will get caught up in parental conflict. Examples of these types of places are schools, homes of grandparents or afterschool activities.

Involvement of both parents

A big reason why courts favor joint custody is so that both parents can remain involved in the lives of their children. Children benefit the most when both parents stay actively involved in their lives. Parents need to put their past behind them, put the children first and work together to promote a positive adjustment for them.

Children thrive with structure and routine. Keeping a consistent routine as the children switch back and forth between homes is one of the best things parents can do to help the children adjust to their new normal. For Colorado parents who have questions about any aspect of child custody, speaking with a knowledgeable legal professional can be helpful. A seasoned family law attorney can offer much-needed guidance during this confusing time.