Is it possible to handle your divorce amicably?

The end of your marriage is likely a time of transition and change, and you may also be feeling sadness, frustration and a range of other emotions. Despite how you feel in the moment, you may have the desire to approach your divorce amicably, seeking a peaceful end to the divorce process. This is not possible in every situation, but this could be a way for you to reduce the complication often associated with divorce. 

Handling your divorce amicably does not mean that you will not have valid concerns and things you need to address during the process. You can avoid conflict and still fight for your rights and defend your long-term interests. If you would like to reduce complications during your divorce while still seeking a beneficial outcome, you may find it helpful to prepare for what is ahead and learn more about how you can shield your interests. 

The right approach to a difficult process 

No one marries assuming their marriage will end at some point in the future. However, even though you did not plan for this to happen, you are now facing the reality of divorce. Even if both parties agree this is the best decision and both are committed to remaining amicable, that does not remove the pain and strong emotions you are likely experiencing. If you prefer to approach your divorce amicably, the following may be helpful: 

  • Don’t speak out of anger or frustration. Instead, listen first, process what the other party is telling you, then choose a wise response. 
  • Avoid speaking poorly about the other party in front of the children. This can build up resentment and make it more likely that disputes will arise. 
  • Assume the best about the other person, and work hard to reach a reasonable resolution to ongoing disputes. 
  • Remain focused on the goal, which is securing reasonable terms that will provide stability and security long-term. 

These are only a few suggestions that will allow you to equip yourself to remain amicable and cooperative during the difficult process of a Colorado divorce. By preparing for what is ahead and focusing on the goal, which is security and stability for you and your children, you can seek an outcome that will allow you to look to the future with confidence.  


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