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Sources of financial unrest that could take a toll on a marriage

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2022 | Divorce

It might not be uncommon for married couples to argue at times, as it might not always be possible for you and your spouse to agree on everything. Disagreements that arise during these moments might only lead to brief verbal spats that might not necessarily pose a threat to the health of your relationship. 

However, you might not find it so easy to move past some types of disagreements, especially issues that are deeply rooted in personal preferences and goals. Disagreements stemming from financial challenges could create a rift in your marriage and leave you with questions about your options and what is best for your future. 

Financial differences 

Financial disagreements can take on numerous forms, and similar issues continue to be one of the most common sources of unrest within relationships. Some examples of financial differences that could place a significant strain on the health of your marriage could include: 

  • Long-term goals:  One of the most common sources of monetary unrest within a marriage may involve differences of opinion regarding long-term financial goals, and disagreements over such topics may grow more severe with time. 
  • Marital debts:  Arguments over marital debts continue to be a common cause of conflict among married couples, especially if similar issues stem from the actions or decisions of one party. 
  • Marital income:  Financial disagreements could also be more likely in scenarios in which one spouse earns a higher income or is the primary wage earner, as this could lead to lack of balance and cooperation in financial decisions. 
  • Financial habits:  You and your spouse may also have different goals regarding spending and saving habits, and such differences could place a significant strain on your marriage. 

Studies also indicate that financial challenges could also arise from disagreements over choosing to provide support to extended family members or questions about whether to have children. 

Dissolving a marriage 

Should financial issues create an irreparable rift within your relationship, dissolving the marriage could prove the healthiest decision for everyone involved. However, with a great deal at stake and various essential factors to address, preparing for the process can be an intimidating endeavor. Fortunately, you do not have to face this alone, and seeking guidance on all your options could play an integral role in helping you prepare to safeguard your future in Colorado by creating a strategy for divorce proceedings that focuses on your preferences and needs.