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How to help your kids face the reality of your divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Divorce

As a parent, you are the most equipped to help your children navigate the complexities that can arise during the process of ending your marriage. While your divorce will certainly bring significant changes to you and every member of your Colorado family, there are steps you can take that will allow you to assist your children more effectively during this difficult time. When parents are more cognizant of their kids’ needs in the midst of a divorce, the kids will be more likely to adjust and thrive.

A divorce changes many things in the daily life of children. They may have to live in a different home, change schools, adjust to new schedules and more. Even if they are able to maintain their normal lifestyles, they will still have to adjust to changes in how often they see their parents. How you talk about and approach your divorce will affect your children significantly.

Put the needs of the kids first

One of the most practical ways you can help your children during this difficult time is to put their needs first, even above your own. With your focus on what is best for them, you will be more likely to provide them with stability and security during this difficult time. Important considerations that may be helpful for you as you seek to protect your kids include:

  • Kids do not want to hear the details of why your marriage is ending. This may not be age appropriate, and it may affect how they think about the other parent. Instead, focus on providing them only with the necessary information.
  • Children do not want to carry messages between parents, and you should not ask them to do so. It is beneficial for them to see their parents have a healthy co-parenting relationship, and this includes effective communication.
  • Your kids should not hear their parents speak negatively about each other. This can harm their relationship with the other parent, and it can lead to long-term emotional and psychological harm.

With these considerations, you can talk about your divorce in a healthy way and shield your kids from unnecessary emotional and mental duress. Another way to help your kids is provide them with regular access to both parents through a fair custody and visitation arrangement. This is a difficult process for every member of the family, and how you choose to approach this with your kids matters.