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Financial mistakes and your post-divorce future

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Divorce

The end of your marriage will bring various changes to multiple areas of your life, including your finances. In fact, money-related concerns may be one of the most pressing matters you will encounter during the complex process of divorce. Because of the complication of divorce and the strong emotions you may feel at this time, you may feel the inclination to make choices based on how you feel at the moment. Strong emotions are normal, but they are rarely indicative of what will actually be best in the future.

Simple mistakes during the divorce process, such as allowing your feelings to dictate decision-making, can compromise your post-divorce financial future. Instead, you will benefit from focusing on choices that will make the most sense long-term. When you keep your focus on future stability and long-term security instead of how you feel in the moment, you will be more likely to secure terms that allow you to have a strong future.

Avoid these missteps

Even seemingly minor missteps during a divorce have the potential to seriously impact your life in the future. Some of the most common mistakes people make regarding assets, finances and property division include the following:

  • Failing to revise the beneficiary designations on certain accounts, such as your life insurance
  • Not considering the potential tax ramifications of certain decisions, such as keeping the family home
  • Not working with the other spouse to create terms that address the future educational needs of your children
  • Not giving careful consideration to the terms that address the division of your retirement accounts
  • Deciding to keep your family home when it is not a financially prudent decision

Your financial future is at stake, but it is possible to avoid mistakes that could compromise your well-being. Before you agree to terms or make important decisions, it will be beneficial to consider the potential future impact of these choices.

Your future starts now

During the complex process of a divorce, it can be hard to imagine what your life will be like in the months and years ahead. While you navigate negotiations or pursue your desired outcome in court, you may benefit from seeking an understanding of your legal options and what you can do to feel confident about your post-divorce financial future going forward.