Addressing the topic of marital debts during a divorce

Going through the end of a marriage can be stressful under any circumstance, and the outcome of the process could have a significant impact on your future. With a variety of topics to address and difficult choices to make, preparing a strategy for what comes next could seem an exceedingly intimidating task. 

While covering every vital aspect of the process can be difficult, it could also be integral to preparing to protect your future. One topic that might be helpful to address may include marital debt, and knowing how the presence of debts might influence the outcome of your situation may prove imperative. 

Factors to consider 

Since Colorado is an equitable distribution state, marital debts could play a significant role in the process of property division. Forming a strategy that includes similar topics may prove integral to preparing for the next steps. Some tips to help you along this journey might include: 

  • Financial liability: Even if your spouse agrees to responsibility for certain debts during divorce proceedings, you may still be legally liable for such obligations, regardless of what your divorce decree states. 
  • Creditor rights: Once you finalize your divorce, creditors may retain the right to reach out to you and seek repayment for debts should your former spouse fall behind on payments. 
  • Past due accounts: Keeping track of marital debts to ensure accounts remain current may be integral to keeping past-due accounts from leading to collection attempts or posing a threat to your credit score. 
  • Mortgages and loans: Refinancing home mortgages or personal loans could prove vital to reducing risks and safeguarding your financial future. 

Closing joint accounts and monitoring your credit score could prove helpful in mitigating similar financial risks, but things might not always be so simple. 

Safeguarding your future 

Marital debt is just one example of a factor that may influence the outcome of the end of your marriage. Understanding every essential topic to address when preparing for legal proceedings might help you identify similar issues and create a plan to help address any potential risks involved. Seeking guidance on what is at stake and how best to prepare for what comes next could help provide you with much-needed insight into preparing to protect your future and enter the next state of your life with peace of mind. 


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