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Motorists get hit with drug charges in routine traffic stop

Most motorists will get pulled over by a police officer at some point in their driving careers. However, there are some individuals who will face punishments much harsher than just a speeding ticket. Police forces in Colorado and across the country have been stepping up efforts to diminish the use of illegal drugs. If a police officer makes a traffic stop and suspects that people inside the vehicle may be in possession of illegal drugs, the officer may conduct further investigations. In this scenario, the people inside the vehicle could be hit with drug charges. 

Recent traffic stop 

Recently in Eagle County, a seemingly routine traffic stop ended with some individuals facing drug charges. The incident occurred on Interstate 70 about one mile east of the Town of Eagle exit. Police officers said they initiated a traffic stop on an eastbound vehicle and suspected the occupants were in possession of illegal drugs. 

Arrested and charged 

Allegedly, the driver of the vehicle and passenger gave officers permission to search the vehicle. Reports said the officers brought in a K-9 officer to search the car and the dog gave a positive alert. Officers said they found about thirty pounds of heroin inside a hidden compartment. Reportedly, both vehicle occupants were arrested and jailed on drug charges.  

Unfortunately, anyone who is arrested on drug-related charges can face years of incarceration and steep fines. These types of charges and accusations can also do irreparable damage to a person’s reputation. In some instances, officers may not follow the proper procedures, which could result in charges being lowered or dismissed altogether. To achieve the best possible outcome, those in Colorado who have been arrested on drug charges have the right to seek the services of an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney. 


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