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Simple steps to the right parenting plan for your family

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Divorce

While divorce is a challenging process, you and your former spouse may decide the best choice for your family is to co-parent together. In order for a co-parenting arrangement to work well, it is necessary for both parents to commit to preserving the well-being of the kids by adhering to the terms of the parenting plan. It is critical to create a plan that is reasonable and sustainable, minimizing the chance of complications while providing your children with stability.  

In order to develop the right plan for your specific situation, it will likely be necessary to set aside any temporary feelings that could affect your decision-making abilities. The primary goal should be to protect the best interests of your children, even if it means compromising on your personal preferences. With the shared intent of providing a secure future for the kids, you and the other parent can develop a plan that will work for the entire family. 

The path to parenting together 

Creating a parenting plan can be a daunting task. It’s not easy to develop a strategy for every contingency and the changing needs of your kids as they grow. As you consider where to start, the following steps may provide you a way forward that will help you reach final terms that will benefit everyone: 

  • Identify what will be best for your kids, both now and well into the future. 
  • Consider the work schedules of both parents as this will help you determine how to share parenting time. 
  • Create a strategy for how you and the other parent will communicate with each other about the children. 
  • Decide how both of you will share the responsibility for making important decisions on behalf of the children. 
  • Determine how both of you will share financial responsibility for the kids, including child support and extra expenses. 
  • Identify how to proceed in the event of a disagreement, change in schedule or other unexpected circumstance. 

It is also helpful for both parents to commit to adhering to the terms of the parenting plan as closely as possible upon finalization. This commitment, as well as a focus on the needs of the kids above everything else, will allow you to provide the youngest members of your Colorado family with stability and security as you all move forward after a divorce.