How to move past an unhappy and unhealthy marriage

It goes without saying that no person intends to be a part of an unhealthy and unhappy marriage. Sometimes, however, what was once a loving and fulfilled relationship eventually becomes toxic. A toxic marriage can have adverse effects on an individual’s health and well-being. Here’s how those in Colorado can get out of an unhealthy marriage and get on with their lives. 

Talk to the spouse 

Having an honest conversation about the issues within the marriage can be incredibly helpful. However, talking with a spouse about marital problems can also be difficult, especially if a spouse is contentious or emotionally abusive. If the spouse is willing, it may be best to seek professional help such as a counselor or therapist. 

Lean on family and friends 

It is usually good to inform family and close friends of the situation. Also let them know if there are plans to leave the marriage, as they may be able to provide a place to stay. Family and friends can be pillars of emotional support during this difficult time. 

Save money 

To prepare for the end of the marriage, try to save and put away as much money as possible. If a partner has been violent or has made threats, it is important to keep records of every instance. If safety is an issue, it may also be time to consider getting a restraining order against them. 

It is never easy to move on from a toxic and unhappy marriage. Healing cannot happen overnight; it just takes time. Those in Colorado who may be in a similar situation or want to know more about divorce could benefit by consulting with a legal representative. A trusted family law attorney can offer the protection of personal rights and pursue the best results relative to a person’s specific situation. 


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