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Man receives drug charges after officers search his vehicle

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Getting hit with criminal charges can have very serious impacts on all aspects of an accused individual’s life. Drug charges, in particular, can stay on the permanent records of the accused and often hinder them from gaining employment, among other things. There are very serious consequences for those convicted of drug charges in Colorado, such as massive fines and potentially years of incarceration, so accused individuals will want to combat this type of outcome. 

Incident reported 

Recently, a man was arrested in Greeley and now faces serious drug charges. According to police reports, officers were patrolling during the morning hours and noticed a car pulled over with the door open and an individual who appeared to be asleep or passed out inside. Reports said the officers stopped to check on the man and make sure he was okay. Reportedly, the officers noticed drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle when they stopped. 

Man arrested and charged 

Allegedly, officers searched the vehicle and found what they suspected was meth as well as a scale and packaging material. Officers said the man was placed under arrest and hit with drug charges. The charges included possession of a controlled substance and distribution, according to the Greeley Police Department. 

Drug charges such as these are very serious. However, for the accused man to be convicted, the charges against him must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt by the prosecution in court. Any individual in Colorado who faces drug charges should know that they have options available to help them during this challenging experience. A seasoned and knowledgeable litigator can protect an individual’s rights and outline a strategy designed to achieve the best possible outcome.