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Making co-parenting successful even with a toxic ex-spouse

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

Co-parenting is definitely not easy. Co-parenting with an uncooperative ex-spouse can be even more challenging. Even though it seems pointless to put in all the hard work when the other party isn’t doing his or her part, the reason for co-parenting after divorce is to show the children that they are the top priority and that the love of their parents will persist regardless of circumstances. Here are a few ways parents in Colorado can make co-parenting a positive experience even when the other parent is being difficult. 

Develop a plan and stick to it 

Developing a parenting plan takes work, but it is worth the effort. A good parenting plan will eliminate guesswork and reduce miscommunication among parents. Create an agreement that details exchanges, how to handle requests for time modifications, communication avenues and where to keep important information about the children. Once a feasible and agreeable co-parenting plan is in place, stick to it. 

Communication is a priority 

Communicating with a former spouse after a divorce can understandably be a challenge. However, even if the other party is being difficult, try to maintain a level of respect and civility. Remember, the marriage is over, this is now about the children. 

The children should always be the top priority. However, it can be forgotten in the heat of the moment. Always keep the children’s security and well-being in mind to make a co-parenting arrangement successful. Parents in Colorado who need help or have questions regarding child custody could benefit from discussions with a family law attorney. A seasoned lawyer can assess the situation and provide the guidance needed to move forward.