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How to know if collaborative divorce is the best option

When spouses determine that ending their marriage is the best option, they have many decisions to make as to how they want to proceed. Will the divorce be amicable? Will help be needed from attorneys, mediators or other divorce professionals? These days, many spouses in Colorado are opting for a collaborative divorce.

What is collaborative divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a modern, sensible and amicable divorce resolution option. In a collaborative divorce, separating spouses work together to negotiate agreements with the help of divorce professionals. Collaborative divorce is different from mediation in that couples have the support of their attorneys at every stage of the process, whereas in mediation couples sometimes meet with the mediator in the absence of their respective legal counsel.

The benefits of collaborative divorce

Collaboration can greatly reduce the conflict and financial implications of divorce in many ways. For starters, it allows couples to exchange necessary information amicably and voluntarily, and can stabilize the situation with a temporary agreement. But, most importantly, a collaborative divorce allows separating spouses to negotiate a divorce settlement that works best for them. It simplifies the process and can greatly reduce the financial impact of a marital breakup.

When couples cooperate and use a collaborative approach from the beginning of their divorce, or even for just a part of it, they will almost always save time and money. However, just as every marriage is different, the same can be said for every divorce. Some are complex and contentious, some are amicable and simple. Colorado residents who have questions about collaborative divorce, or any aspect of the divorce process, could benefit from discussions with a legal representative. A seasoned family law attorney can help any individual determine the best course of action for his or her future.


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