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Addressing the potential implications of joint custody

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2021 | Child Custody & Parenting Time

For many Colorado families, divorce means deciding how the two parents will share custody and visitation of the children. In many situations, this means the kids will go back and forth between the two parents’ homes. You may consider a joint custody arrangement best as this will allow your kids to share time with both of you, and you know that it is important for their mental and emotional health to have strong relationships with both of their parents. 

There are situations in which joint custody is truly the best option. It offers the kids a sense of stability and continuity of lifestyle, which is what many need to adjust to post-divorce life. However, this does not necessarily mean it is best for your specific family situation. You would be wise to carefully consider how your decisions could impact your children. 

Why it may not work 

There is a conception that joint custody is always the best answer to every custody-related concern. There is no visitation and custody arrangement that will work in every single situation. Sometimes, joint custody can actually be harmful for children, resulting in psychological damage. Consider the possible issues with joint custody: 

  • For many, joint custody is a compromise between two parents who can’t work together on a strong custody arrangement. 
  • Joint physical custody does not necessarily mean that parents will have equal parenting time. 
  • It can take a significant amount of work to make joint custody work well logistically. 

There is some evidence to suggest that joint custody only works well in a few situations. You know your kids better than anyone, and you and the other parent may find it best to work together on an arrangement that best suits the needs of your kids above all else. You can custom-tailor this according to medical needs, unique work schedules and other factors that affect your family in different ways. 

Your family comes first 

The ultimate goal of any child custody arrangement is to protect the best interests of the children and provide stability for them for years to come. When you are considering joint custody or another type of parenting arrangement, you will find it beneficial to think long-term. It is helpful to remember that every choice you make will have an impact for years to come.