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These strategies could help save money in a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Divorce

The dissolution of a marriage is notoriously challenging, both emotionally and psychologically. Divorce is also infamous for being expensive. Those in Colorado who are heading into a marital separation should brace themselves for a financial shake-up. However, there are a few ways to save money during a divorce. 

Prepare as much as possible 

Prior to the proceedings, take inventory of important documents and paperwork that will be needed. Those who gather these important documents can cut down on billable attorney hours. It’s something that most people can do on their own and save hundreds in the process. 

Consider mediation 

With mediation, spouses meet with a neutral third-party to come to an amicable divorce settlement. If spouses are willing to be civil and negotiate, mediation can expedite the divorce process. It can also keep the divorce out of court and help save a ton of money. 

Free therapy 

Divorce is an emotional experience. Understandably, those who go through it often need someone to talk to. However, hiring a therapist can be expensive. Instead of paying a therapist, find a close friend or family member to lend an ear and be a confidante. 

Just as no two marriages are alike, the same can be said for divorce. Individual situations will differ, so choosing the right divorce attorney is crucial, especially when it comes to reducing the financial impact of a marital breakup. Choosing a knowledgeable, experienced and empathetic legal representative can help any Colorado resident get through his or her divorce in an efficient and timely manner.