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Preparation is the key to winning a child custody case

The one thing that most parents in Colorado have in common is they want what is best for their children. When a divorce occurs, parents need to come to an agreement on child custody or the custody case could end up in court. A judge makes a decision based on the well-being of the child, so he or she will award custody to the parent who can provide the best upbringing for the children. Here’s how parents in Colorado can prepare for a child custody case.

Keep records and document everything

In order to win a child custody case, the parent will need to prove that it is in the best interest of the children to be with him or her. This means that daily interactions with the children as well as parenting skills will be examined. It can be extremely beneficial to keep detailed and consistent records and document everything that can help prove who is the most suitable parent. Detailed records will show the judge that the parent has gone out of his or her way to care for the children.

Proving the better parent

Actions speak louder than words. Here are some ways parents can prove their case.

  • Attend school activities like parent-teacher meetings, school plays and musicals. It can be helpful to interact with the child’s teacher and school administration in an ongoing manner. Keep records of all the activities that are attended.
  • Take the children to their doctor and dentist appointments.
  • Facilitate the children’s involvement in family activities and church.
  • Take children on trips and vacations to show that quality time is being spent with them.

Remember, the courts will always make decisions with the best interests of the children in mind. The best piece of advice is to consult with an experienced family law attorney. Working with a knowledgeable legal representative can help parents in Colorado prepare a compelling child custody case and increase the odds of achieving the desired outcome.


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