How divorced parents can create a perfect parenting plan

The end of a marriage can bring disruption and uncomfortable change for all members of a family. For most Colorado parents who divorce, their main concern is the safety and well-being of the children. This is why co-parenting or joint child custody are the most popular custody agreements. When creating a suitable co-parenting plan, many points must be considered. 

Children’s best interest 

First and foremost, the best interest of the children should be the top priority in any parenting plan. Every family is different, but the parenting plan or agreement should cover the most critical aspects of the children’s lives, both physically and emotionally. Things like the distance between homes and the parents’ work schedule can significantly affect the children and should be examined. 

Financial support 

Regardless of how custody and parenting responsibilities are shared between parents, both parents are responsible for the children’s financial needs. Child support is usually mandated to help with living costs plus some extras. However, the parenting plan should be specific when it comes to what the child support payments will cover. 


The means of communication between separated parents is sometimes overlooked. Yet, once children start moving between both parents’ homes, communication between parents becomes crucial. Many parents desire a structured plan for communicating. Just never wait to make decisions about communication. 

Creating a suitable parenting plan after divorce isn’t easy nor quick. However, the perfect parenting plan can serve a family’s needs for years to come. Those in Colorado who have questions about child custody or custody arrangements could benefit by speaking with a legal representative. An experienced family law attorney can answer questions and provide legal insight to best serve the needs of the client. 


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