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Advice to help men move on after a painful divorce

The stereotypes and societal stigmas surrounding men portray that they are the tougher sex. Because of this, many people think men don’t need as much help during an emotional and challenging event, such as divorce. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, men may struggle more during a divorce because they are hesitant about opening up and talking through emotions. The following advice may be helpful for men in Colorado who are trying to move on after a challenging divorce. 


As mentioned earlier, men may be hesitant to open up and express emotions. Men are often too harsh on themselves after an emotional event like divorce. However, it is important for men not to punish themselves. Instead, men should try to learn from the experience and forgive themselves for being human. 

Be proud of scars 

Divorce will wound and scar any person. Regret often forms around mistakes made in the past. However, instead of hiding mistakes, own them and wear the scars with pride. 

Set boundaries 

Identify people who cause stress or take away joy, and set boundaries. More often than not, the ex-spouse is one of these people. It is not uncommon for a former spouse to interfere when she sees her former husband attempting to move on. 

Above all, think positive. Although divorce is a loss, it is also a time of renewal and a time to look forward to the many possibilities that lie ahead in the future. Any individual in Colorado who goes through a marital breakup does not have to go through this event on his or her own. A seasoned and knowledgeable attorney can provide much-needed guidance and tackle legal issues so the client can focus on getting over an emotionally challenging divorce. 


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