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Woman accused of drug charges after arson investigation

Getting arrested and tossed into the back of a police car is an embarrassing and often traumatic experience. Without a doubt, being accused of any type of criminal activity can be damaging. However, when an individual in Colorado is hit with drug charges, he or she can suffer devastating consequences whether the individual is convicted or not. These types of charges can stay on permanent records and prevent a person from gaining future employment or advancing in life.

Woman arrested

Recently in Denver, a woman was arrested over accusations of drug crimes. According to reports, Denver police arrested three teenage boys who had been accused of arson, and the woman’s arrest stemmed from the arson investigation. Apparently, the woman is the sister of one of the accused boys. Prosecutors said the boy’s cell phone was registered and paid for by the woman, and he has also been accused of selling drugs.

Charges and accusations

Reports said a lot of the evidence against the woman regarding her alleged drug activities comes from her social media accounts. Prosecutors pointed out her alleged tattoos and long manicured nails, and also claimed the woman appeared in photos holding drugs and guns. Reportedly, the woman has pleaded not guilty to weapons and drug charges.

If convicted, the woman faces a minimum of 10 years in prison. However, even if a conviction never happens, just being accused of crimes such as these can destroy a person’s life. Any person in the state of Colorado who is arrested on drug charges has the right to speak to an attorney. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help those charged receive the best outcome possible and ensure that personal rights are protected.


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