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How to navigate co-parenting disagreements

Divorce is emotional, and sometimes wrought with conflict. When emotions are running high and lingering arguments from the past are brought up, divorced parents may have trouble seeing past the challenges to fulfill the duties of their shared parenting child custody arrangement. Here’s how parents in Colorado can put their differences aside and do what is best for their children. 

View all available options 

When attempting to come to an agreement about a shared parenting or co-parenting plan, parents should remember to exhaust all options. Parents sometimes have difficulty seeing the positives in deciding schedules, expense reimbursements and other aspects of co-parenting. However, parents do not need to go at it alone, as there are a myriad of options readily available to assist parents in these situations. This process can be extremely difficult in the aftermath of a painful divorce, but when both parents put effort into cooperation and compromise, their new co-parenting relationship can thrive.  

Custody evaluations 

Sometimes, communication between divorced parents may completely break down. In these types of situations, a parent-requested or court-ordered custody evaluation may be the best course of action. The premise behind a custody evaluation is to help the court decide how best to lay out parenting responsibilities. A custody eval can also help parents come to an agreement without the matter ending up in court. 

Always remember to put the children and their well-being as the top priority. Unfortunately, parents who find themselves unwilling to cooperate or compromise in shared parenting child custody arrangements may be making the situation about themselves and placing the needs of the children on the back burner. Parents in Colorado who have questions or need help with decisions regarding child custody should consider seeking the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney. 


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