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An empty nest could shed light on marital disconnect

As life goes on, people change. In some situations, Colorado residents may not notice they have changed until they go through a major period of transition. For some, having their children grown and out on their own can be a turning point in many married couples’ lives. Unfortunately, this turning point could shed light on changes that make it difficult to remain a couple.

You may have seen your last child off on his or her own and felt many emotions. You likely felt proud that your child had reached this point of independence, but you probably also felt some sense of sadness at knowing your child would no longer be around constantly. You may also have wondered how your marital relationship would change now that it is just you and your spouse.

Empty nest syndrome

It may seem odd to think that your children leaving home could cause a domino effect of changes in your life, but it is possible. If you stayed home to raise the kids, you may find that you have a lot more time to do as you please, which can sometimes seem like a blessing and a curse. You may find yourself wanting to do things with your spouse only to find that he or she has work, independent hobbies or simply is not interested in your new interests.

This discovery can be jarring for parents in this situation. At first, it may not seem like much of an issue because you find ways to occupy your time. However, it may start to feel as if you and your spouse have grown so far apart that you do not have much interest in the same things and ultimately spend little time together. These are common signs of empty nest syndrome.

What does this mean for your marriage?

Whether empty nest syndrome could have a negative effect on your marriage depends on how willing you both are to maintain the relationship. If you want to go out on dates and focus on rekindling your feelings, you may feel hurt if your spouse does not express the same interest. Unfortunately, growing apart is a common reason people choose to end their marriage.

The decision to divorce is certainly not one that comes easy for many individuals. You may think that, because you do not harbor any ill feelings toward your spouse, you have no reason to divorce. However, it is important to remember that your happiness, marital satisfaction and overall desire for companionship are all factors to consider. If you no longer feel that your marriage is meeting your needs, considering your dissolution options may be worthwhile.


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