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Should you feel happy immediately after your divorce?

For many Colorado residents, a time comes in life when they need to make a major change. Whether it is one they have dreaded or look forward to, it can be difficult to take the steps to move forward after such a change. For you, concerns about your divorce may have you wondering whether it was the right decision and whether you can live a full life after your legal proceedings come to an end.

Fortunately, for most people, the answer is yes, you can lead a full and happy life after divorce. For a time, it may seem hard to get the most out of life, especially if you have concerns about making adjustments to your lifestyle to adjust to living on a single income. Additionally, even if you wanted the divorce, you could still struggle to handle the emotional effects of the process.

Feel your feelings

When it comes to your emotions, you may think that because you wanted the divorce you should immediately feel happy after it’s over. Of course, that will likely not be the case. Leaving any long-term relationship, even one that may not have brought you joy any longer, can still cause lingering feelings of disappointment, grief or sadness. Recognizing and acknowledging your feelings is healthy and could allow you to find constructive ways to handle them. If you ignore them, you may struggle to find the relief you likely hoped for.

Part of exploring your emotions during this time may also be focusing on positivity. It can be easy to start wondering if you made a mistake by initiating the divorce or if you are incapable of having a healthy relationship, but these thoughts generally stem from a place of fear about the unknown. If you try to remain positive, you may have a better chance of remembering the reasons you chose to divorce and how your life will be better now.

Have help

Any major life change is often made easier by having the right help. Your friends and family could certainly offer you emotion and moral support during this transition, but you may also want to remember that your situation could go more smoothly from the start if you have help with the legal aspects of your divorce case. You may want to work with an experienced family law attorney who could help you determine how you could best approach your case.


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