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Important things to do before filing for divorce

It’s safe to say the majority of spouses don’t go into a marriage with the intent of one day ending it. Yet, divorce is sometimes the best course of action for many marriages in Colorado. There are usually several things that need to be sorted out before a marriage can officially be dissolved. These can include things like spousal support and division of assets, or child support and custody. Here are some other important things an individual should do before he or she files for divorce.

First and foremost, it is critical to ensure that divorce is wanted and certain. Never file for divorce because of an argument or bad fight, as filing for divorce can start a cascade of events that cannot be taken back. When divorce is imminent, one of the first and most important things to do is to gather and organize important documents and information. This will ensure access to all necessary information and will protect against a spiteful spouse attempting to hide things like financial accounts.

It’s common knowledge that divorce is usually very expensive. For some, losing the economic support of a spouse can create major financial challenges. Planning ahead can help a person get in a secure financial position post-marriage. Building a budget, minimizing spending and avoiding any unnecessary debt are important things for any individual to do amid a divorce.

Deciding to separate from a spouse can be one of life’s most difficult decisions. Divorce is a complex legal matter, often affecting some of the most important aspects of an individual’s life. Any Colorado resident who is contemplating a marital breakup or going through a divorce should contact a seasoned attorney before taking any steps that may impact his or her rights.


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