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Divorce is declining, but the reasons remain the same

Around the turn of the century, there was a divorce rate of almost 50% in the United States. This meant about one out every two marriages would end in divorce. However, it may be surprising to know that the divorce rate has actually declined in the last few years to about 39 percent. A number of factors have contributed to this decline, but as long as there are marriages in Colorado, there will be divorces. Couples today still divorce for the same reasons as couples in past decades.

It’s no surprise that money and finances are the main causes of stress and conflict in most marriages today and decades prior. When basic needs for survival cannot be met, the marriage will be doomed to fail. Many spouses who struggle with finances will compartmentalize the problem, so they end up arguing about other issues as well. Also, money problems are sometimes rooted in sense of self, personal trauma and psychological beliefs.

Infidelity is still a main cause of divorce in modern-day America. When a spouse cheats on his or her partner, the broken trust is rarely fixable and many marriages never recover from infidelity issues. A lack of intimacy can leave a spouse unfulfilled, which may lead to infidelity. An absence of intimacy can drive a wedge between otherwise loving spouses. Couples sometimes find that trying to fix the complications is a bigger burden than they are willing to bear.

The reasons why marriages fail today are not that different from the divorces of previous generations. Even though the divorce rate is on the decline, some marriages are doomed to fail from the start. Individuals in Colorado who are thinking about divorce or have questions could greatly benefit by consulting an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in family law.


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