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A few common reasons for divorce in Colorado

Those who go through a marital breakup commonly experience grief and intense feelings of loneliness. However, as difficult and lonely as a divorce may seem, anyone who goes through this event should know that he or she is not alone. Divorce is very common in Colorado and throughout the United States. For those who are going through divorce or just a rough patch in their marriage, learning why divorce happens can be beneficial.

It’s no surprise that one of the most common reasons for divorce is money. Financial issues can cause high levels of stress and absolutely wreck a marriage in a number of ways. In some marriages, spouses may have different plans or desires when it comes to long-term financial goals. For example, one spouse may want to save money and put extra money toward retirement while the other spouse wants to spend money frivolously and live for today. When spouses approach financial challenges with honesty and cooperation, the marriage has a better chance of surviving.

A lack of intimacy is also a major reason why many spouses end up separating. As time goes on and spouses age, it is normal to become less physical and seek a deeper and more spiritual kind of connection. However, this doesn’t mean that physical intimacy should disappear from the marriage altogether. Spouses can show physical affection through small acts like hugs, holding hands or daily kisses on the cheek. When intimacy goes away, each spouse may feel rejected, and this often leads to a downward spiral of the marriage.

Gaining an understanding of the common reasons why marriages end may help spouses change and work on their marriages before it’s too late. However, spouses must first decide if the marriage is worth saving. Sometimes, divorce is the only option. Those in Colorado who have questions or need help with divorce can obtain much-needed guidance by consulting an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney.


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