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Popular NFL player arrested, preparing DUI defense

There aren’t many things as humiliating as being arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. To add to the embarrassment, those who are accused of DUI may face many sleepless nights filled with worry and anxiety. Being arrested for DUI in Colorado often means appearing in local newspapers and media outlets for everyone to see. A popular NFL player recently made headlines after being charged with DUI and he is now focused on his DUI defense.

Melvin Gordon, who plays football for the Denver Broncos, was reportedly arrested and cited for driving under the influence of alcohol in the city. According to reports, officers clocked Gordon driving 71 mph in a 35 mph zone just before midnight along at 5th Avenue and Speer Boulevard. Officers then initiated a traffic stop. As officers began talking with Gordon, it was reported that Gordon’s speech was slurred and there was an odor of alcohol on his breath.

Police reports said Gordon consented to a field sobriety test but failed the test. Officers said paramedics took blood from Gordon, but the results of the blood draw are pending. He was placed under arrest and charged with DUI and speeding. According to a source close to the pro football player, he has taken responsibility and expressed remorse in his meetings with coaches and team executives.

Although Gordon has not been convicted of these charges, his life may still be drastically impacted due to this incident. Any individual in Colorado who has been charged with DUI has the right to legal representation. A knowledgeable and seasoned criminal defense lawyer familiar with DUI defense can determine the best course of action while also protecting personal rights throughout this difficult experience.


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