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How fathers can win child custody

In decades past, it was presumed that children should stay with the mother when parents get divorced. These days, most states have dropped this presumption. Some states have even passed laws stating there is no preference for mothers over fathers in child custody proceedings. Even though courts don’t discriminate against fathers, child custody can still be very difficult for a father to win. Here’s how fathers in Colorado can make the best case to win a custody hearing.

Courts will look for proof of a father’s involvement in the lives of the children and whether he has established meaningful relationships with the children. Because of this, it is very important for fathers to attend meaningful occasions such as sporting events, birthday parties or religious events. Keeping an accurate visitation schedule can also help dads to win child custody. Develop and maintain a parenting plan and then turn the plan in to the court.

The judge will need to see that a father is ready for custody in the event that it is awarded. Fathers can prep for this by thinking about what questions will be asked by the judge and preparing intelligent responses to those questions. Some things judges are commonly concerned about are living situations, financial readiness and the child’s education. Also, always be respectful of the other parent as this could be a factor in determining custody.

Although it may be more difficult for fathers to win custody, dads have just as many rights as mothers. Any parent in Colorado who has questions about child custody can benefit by obtaining the services of a legal representative. A seasoned attorney can answer questions and provide legal guidance for parents going through this challenging experience.


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