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Child custody: Make the children’s well-being a top priority

Divorce can be emotionally, psychologically and financially taxing on anyone who goes through it. For parents who divorce, child custody usually becomes a primary concern. Children will be impacted by the situation regardless, but parents can influence how children process the experience. Although every child is unique and different, here are a few ways parents in Colorado can help and support their children through a marital breakup and/or a change of custody.

It’s hard to slow down and find peace in the midst of a family crisis like this. However, peace may be what children need the most. Parents could help by giving children a little bit of space while also listening to them and paying attention to their behaviors. Pay attention to nonverbal communication and let children know they are loved, supported and safe.

Following a divorce, it is important to create a stable and predictable environment as soon as possible. Provide structure and a routine that children can rely on. For parents with joint custody agreements, communicate routines with each other to create consistency between households. When parents are consistent about taking care of the needs of the children as well as what they expect from their children, it creates stability and far less confusion and stress.

Divorce can be a traumatizing event for children. However, with the proper support, children can come through the experience better off than they were before. Parents in Colorado who have questions regarding child custody or divorce could benefit from discussions with a legal representative. A knowledgeable family law attorney can provide clarity and help parents determine the best arrangements for everyone.


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