Growing apart is one of many reasons for gray divorce

You may have had the same or at least a similar routine for decades, and much of that routine may have revolved around your spouse. Now that you are closing in on your retirement years, you are thinking about making some serious changes to the humdrum routine in efforts to live your best life during your golden years. One of those changes may be to end your marriage.

This is certainly not a decision you have made lightly, and you are not just making it to shake things up in your life. Like many Colorado residents, you may be considering a so-called gray divorce for various reasons that are holding you back in life.

Do any of these reasons sound familiar?

Because ending a marriage is such a major life change, most people hesitate before making this decision. While hesitation can give individuals the opportunity to fully think through the option and ensure that it is right for them, hesitation does not mean that they have to remain in an unhappy relationship. You may find one or more of your reasons for wanting to divorce in the following list:

  • Growing apart: Though some people become closer the more years they spend together, it is also common for people to grow apart. You and your spouse may have little in common anymore, and those differences are holding you back from finding fulfillment in life.
  • Longer life expectancy: Now that people are living longer, numerous individuals cannot fathom spending their golden years, which can now span decades, with someone they no longer feel happiness, love or enjoyment with.
  • Infidelity: Even after decades of marriage, infidelity can still happen. In fact, many people may have stayed in a relationship knowing that their spouse cheated but now feel as if they have the freedom to move on and enjoy the rest of their lives.

Of course, other reasons for wanting to divorce exist, and even if these listed here do not apply to you, it does not mean that your reason for wanting to move on from your marriage is not valid.

Gray divorce is tricky

Even if you know it is the right choice for your circumstances, going through divorce at an older age can be tricky. The financial effects stemming from this change can be significant and more difficult to rebound from when close to retirement. Plus, protecting those retirement funds becomes even more important. Fortunately, you can enlist the help of an experienced attorney who can keep your best interests at the forefront during this process.


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