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Have things changed? Your child support order should, too.

Chances are, your life has changed since you were given your child support order. Your child has grown. They may have started school. You or your ex may have had a change of career. If your child support order has not changed, however, what met your child’s needs in past years may not give them what they need today.

Has your custody arrangement changed?

If you and your ex are changing your child custody arrangement, your child support order would need to be modified along with that custody arrangement. For example, the court may award one parent primary custody so that your children’s education can remain stable after one parent moves to another state; their child support order should be modified to reflect that change.

Have you or your ex experienced a significant change of income?

Your initial child support order considered your financial circumstances, and a change in your finances could be cause for a modification. If you have lost your job or experienced a cut in pay, for example, that can have a significant impact on your ability to support your children. If your ex has found a new job or if you have received a promotion at work, on the other hand, they may be able to better provide for your children because of this increase of pay.

Have your child’s needs changed?

Most of all, your child support order is intended to give your child what they need. Whether your child has experienced a medical emergency, needs special schooling or otherwise needs additional support in their day-to-day life, child support should change to meet those new needs.

Under Colorado law, a modification can be made if the changes to your life would increase or decrease the monthly child support payment by 10 percent or more. Speaking to an attorney is one of the best ways to determine whether the changes are substantial enough to result in a modification.


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