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577 Coloradans arrested for DUI in President’s Day initiative

An initiative called “The Heat is On” was implemented by police in Colorado over this past President’s Day in an effort to prevent drunk driving. This initiative will make a reappearance during the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday March 13 to 18. Over the 11-day period of the President’s Day initiative, Colorado police arrested 577 individuals for driving under the influence. Of those arrests, 110 took place in Denver.

Many people might not be aware of just how serious the consequences a DUI can bring. Not only might it result in jail time and fines, but one’s driving privileges can be impacted as well. Having your driver’s license suspended can make it difficult to get to work, get to medical appointments, take your kids to school and basically perform many of the functions we all do every day that involve driving.

Fortunately, legal help is available to those facing a DUI. Attorneys can handle the legal aspects of a DUI charge so that their clients can focus on moving on from the incident on the right foot. Consulting with an attorney before making any plea can help people facing a DUI understand their legal options, so they can make informed decisions.

No one wants a holiday marred by a DUI. With the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, spring break and soon enough, the summer holidays on the horizon it is important to consume alcohol safely. If you do find yourself facing legal trouble following a holiday celebration, it is important to seek the help you need to address a DUI in an effective manner.


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