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Why must I take an alcohol education course following a DUI?

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Sometimes a person in Denver will find themselves in a situation where they have had one too many drinks on a night out and have ended up driving home drunk. However, drunk driving is illegal, and it is possible that if a person is caught drunk driving, they will ultimately be convicted of driving under the influence.

When a person in Colorado is convicted of DUI — even if it’s their first DUI offense — they must attend and complete an alcohol and drug class. These classes are based on the idea that motorists should not be ashamed about incurring a DUI. Instead, motorists should be made more aware and responsible about driving under the influence, and it is hoped that participants will leave these classes with greater knowledge about the circumstances that lead to their DUI.

People who attend these classes come from all walks of life. According to one professional who teaches these courses, while participants are sometimes frustrated by the experience, these classes are imperative in helping attendees feel less ashamed about their DUI and make better decisions moving forward.

The state determines what curriculum will be used in the course, allowing for a structured educational experience. However, counseling is also available that allows for greater flexibility in which participants can talk about what is important to them. Many times, people who attend these classes are helped by the experience and do not commit further drunk driving infractions

So, while attending a course on DUI over several weeks or months may seem inconvenient, these courses can help those who have been convicted of DUI understand and avoid the circumstances that lead to the DUI, and better understand what options they have besides driving drunk, such as utilizing a ride-sharing service. A one-time mistake should not ruin the rest of a person’s life, and courses like this aim to help those convicted of DUI learn something from the experience so they can move forward on the right foot.