Plan to work with your ex in child custody matters

One of the primary duties of a parent is ensuring that they are doing what’s best for their children. When you and their other parent make the decision to divorce, it is easy to get caught up in how you feel about the divorce, but you need to continue to focus on the children. This ensures that they have what they need to thrive despite the circumstances.

Many parents who go through a divorce use a collaborative method for child custody matters. This gives them a chance to consider their child’s current schedule, their needs and other similar factors when making parenting decisions. In order to do this, you and your ex are going to have to be willing to compromise and work as a team.

There are many things to include when making a parenting plan. Before you start going through these decisions with your ex, you have to determine which ones are worth fighting for. You have to remain willing to negotiate for the process to work, but you might have more leeway on matters that you don’t feel as strongly about.

As you and your ex make decisions about the parenting plan, write them down. They will become part of the court-ordered plan to rear the children. Be sure that everything in the parenting plan is worded how it was agreed upon so that things are set up properly.

Once you have the parenting plan in place, you can let your children know what’s going to happen. Kids will usually adjust well to changes, but they need to know what the arrangements will entail. If possible, you and your ex should talk to them as a team so the kids know everyone is on board with the plan.


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