As a parent, one of your priorities is likely making sure that your children are protected. This duty doesn’t stop just because you are going through a divorce. Instead, you have to ensure that their needs are being met and there’s nothing going on that would negatively impact them. You may think this sounds simple, but it can quickly turn complex.

The divorce alone can make a big difference in their life. Children with divorced parents are twice as likely to develop health problems as those whose parents are together. They are also twice as likely to quit high school.

Several things can have this negative effect on children. When the parents argue a lot during and after the divorce, the children can suffer. They might feel as though they don’t have the same relationship as they had before.

Economic factors can also impact children. Both parents are likely going to support the children, but the kids might not have full support for everything if their parents don’t work together as a team.

One of the best ways to help your children during your divorce is to work with your co-parent. This isn’t always easy, but it provides a good example to the children and gives them the consistency that they need to thrive.

The child custody agreement and parenting plan that you and your co-parent establish for your children can help them to get what they need. Ensure it is set based on what they need right now. You can always seek a modification if you see that things need to change as time progresses.